Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is one of the biggest names in Indian comedy today. This comic from Indore shot to fame when he won Best Standup Comedian at an event organised by Comedy Central India in 2012. He went on to work with AIB on their comedy news show On Air with AIB in 2015.

He has since released two comedy specials on Amazon Prime Video—Haq Se Single (2017) and Kaksha Gyarvi (2018). Khan today enjoys a massive fanbase of near-devotees who hang on to his every word, and know all his catchphrases (“sakht launda!”) and punchlines (“life mein chahiye izzat!”).

In May 2018, the streaming platform also released the web series Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare, which Khan has both written and starred in. He performs in India and internationally.



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