Dead Ant is an iconic and terrible joke from the 90s. Geddit? Doesn’t matter.

Standup comedy is here and its time is now, and we believe its potential for impact is massive. So we’re going to do everything we can to keep you up to date on what’s up—news, reviews and interviews; the big fish and the small fry; your favourite comedians RN, who you’re going to be obsessed with next, and where you can watch everyone live.

It’s an effort to chronicle and track the changing landscape of the most exciting space right now in pop culture, without using the words ‘edgy’ or ‘alternative’ (harder than you think). Through this, we hope to also play a small part in engaging and growing the community.

Consider this your all-access pass. Dead Ant is now (a)live. 



Ravina Rawal is the founder and editor of Dead Ant. With 15 years of experience in media and entertainment, Rawal has previously led the voice of brand on digital as Editorial & Social Head for several youth-focussed media including MTV India, Comedy Central, Vh1 India, MTV Beats and Colors Infinity. She is the former editor of Motherland, The Sunday Guardian20, and MTV Noise Factory. She can’t remember the last time she took a nap.



Nita Joshi is the COO and Head of HR at Dead Ant. She was previously founding partner of K&J Search Consultants—an executive search consultancy with a special focus on recruitment for the New Economy sectors including Media, Communications and Entertainment—for over 20 years. K&J Search Consultants went on to become a leading search firm in their domain, working with a wide range of clients from large established multinational brands to gutsy start ups, like ours. In her spare time… LOL/JK, she has none.



Arjuna spends his time between code editors and nylon strings. He writes and thinks in Javascript. When not in front of a terminal, he listens to lots of boring music and plays classical guitar. He is currently based in Toronto.



Ravish Rawal is our app developer. When he’s not falling off ski lifts in Vermont, he works as a Mechanical Engineer designing smart home infrastructure in New York City. He also enjoys programming, and building digital platforms and apps. The Dead Ant app is ‘Coming Soon’ because it’s still winter in that part of the world, and gloves are inconvenient for coding.