Think You’re Funny? Get From ‘Zero to 60’ With Kunal Rao’s Comedy Workshop

For Writers, Budding Artists & Standup Fans

“Omg, you’re so funny! You should be a standup comedian.” Have your friends told you this a bajillion times? Is it something you say to yourself every morning in front of the mirror? Is this what your parents really mean when they call you a joke? It’s easier said than done, though, we get it. Telling a party story is one thing, but writing a funny bit, let alone getting up on stage and performing it, can be daunting. If only there was a way to learn from an experienced comedian…

Now there is! ‘Zero To 60’ is a comedy workshop led by one of the pioneers of Indian comedy, Kunal Rao, for budding comedians, writers, and those who don’t know which area of comedy they want to develop yet. With over a decade’s experience in the business of comedy, both on stage and off it, Rao will teach you the basics of how to structure a joke and tap into your own style, and equip you with comedy tools that will make you an unstoppable joke machine.

Sign up for Level 1 of the workshop, hosted by DeadAnt in Mumbai every month, and we promise you a nurturing creative experience packed with tips, tricks and techniques on how to be funny, get over writers’ block, and generate material—for the stage, the page, or even just as an outlet for your rage. And the best part about this classroom? When the teacher asks you to “share the joke with everyone,” you don’t need to hold back!