DeadAnt Creative Studio

We’re considered the authority on all things comedy and youth, but we also have inside access to the community of artists and fans. It’s a combination that’s already hard to beat!

But with the studio, we go beyond comedy. We’re also obsessed with great design and flawless production and have worked in pop culture spaces for over 20 years. We understand its potential for impact.

How do we create things people will actively seek out and want to be part of?

How do we add value to people’s time while entertaining them?

Why are cat videos still trending on the internet?

These are the questions that keep us up at night.

Mornings are for flat whites and good answers.

We’re have all the skills in-house to deliver every aspect of ideation and creative production. Never rigid, and able to create precise solutions, we’re a team of creative directors, writers, visual artists, VFX artists, editors, account managers and artist liaisons. Hey, we even have three musicians!

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