Third Party Rights: Take Down Policy

We take third party rights seriously. We attempt to comply with best industry practices to maintain the integrity of our services.

This Takedown Policy covers how we address allegations of violations of third party rights by third party content that we may have hosted on (“DeadAnt”) and the process to be followed by parties (hereafter, “you”) alleging infringement or violation of rights.


If you believe any material on DeadAnt infringes your rights, you are requested to contact us by writing to You are requested to provide us with the following information:

your contact details;
– exact and complete links to the alleged infringing or violative material;
– exact and complete links to websites or any proof that could ascertain that you are the owner of the material you allege is being infringed or violated (for example, in the event of an alleged intellectual property rights’ violation, please provide links to your authorised website on which you make your intellectually property available or a registration certificate of your intellectual property).


We strive to respond quickly when we receive proper Notice of allegations of violations of third party rights and are happy to assist you in any way we reasonably and legally can.

We may review your complaint (“Review”) and make attempts to restrict access to or take down material if we find that it infringes or violates your rights. We may also make a reasonable attempt to contact the party accused of the alleged infringement or violation and request clarifications or direct them to cease activities that infringe your rights.

We will notify you within 30 (thirty) days of the completion of our Review. Please note that in accordance with our Policy (mentioned above in this page), we do not share personal information of persons registered on DeadAnt.


We may restrict repeated infringers or violators or people who make frivolous complaints from providing material to DeadAnt.


Please note that allegations of violations of rights are a serious matter. In the event we find that your claims are frivolous or untrue, we may restrict your access to DeadAnt or impose such other penalty including legal recourse as we deem fit.


We hereby disclaim any and all liability, including but not limited to both legal costs and damages, that may arise in the event you, your authorised representative, any user of DeadAnt, or any third party seeks to initiate legal proceedings with respect to allegations of rights violation(s) on DeadAnt.