10 Moments We Loved From Jordindian’s Appearance on ‘Journey of a Joke’

By DA Staff 29 April 2019 2 mins read

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The Jordindian duo, Vineeth Kumar and Nasser al Azzeh, have been running a successful YouTube channel for years now, where they publish a variety of sketch work. In September, Abish Mathew posted his interview of the duo, where they did a deep dive into their sketch Ghosts to understand why they do what they do. We picked out the 10 best moments from the show.

1. When Mathew asked where the idea for the video came from and Vineeth Kumar deadpanned,”Joblessness”.

2. When the duo glowed with pride that 9gag had featured their Ghosts video.

“His foot is international now, watchu know ’bout that?”

3. When Mathew earned props for knowing sync sound from dubbed sound.

Vineeth: “The man knows his things.”
Abish: “I understand sound.”

4. When Mathew asked them whether they intentionally used “alliteration” and Vineeth and Nasser pretended to know what that was.

5. When they tried to use the word again and came up with “altercation”, and Abish helpfully corrected them.

6. When they said they work out of Nasser’s mother’s living room and then everyone got awkward about it.

“We sit out of his hall and edit.”
“You mean the office.”
“His study, ya. His study is our office.”

7. When Mathew ripped into them for using a dinosaur of a computer in the sketch.

“What the fuck is that PC??”

8. When Abish looked at the set and declared to Vineeth “Your dad’s salary was in four figures!”

Abish: “I know this! Because… same.”

9. When they were scared while watching their own video.

10. When they gave a heartwarming shout-out to their manager, Anuj.

“He found us like puppies on the street.”
“Awwww, Anuj!”

Watch the video in full here:


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