10 Hilarious Urooj Ashfaq Tweets About Having a Crush That’ll Have You Crushing On Her

By Shreyas Manohar 19 November 2018

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Not all comics are funny on Twitter. (Not all comics are funny—but that’s a different story.) Among those in India nailing the game on Twitter is Urooj Ashfaq. Ashfaq’s tweets range from the delightful to the dark and absurd. One of Ashfaq’s favourite topics is love and all the attendant anxieties and confusions. Here are 10 tweets by here that’ll have you smiling or chuckling. or even just going “huh?”

1. Hard truths.

2. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.

3. When Bejan Daaruwala is your wingman.

4. Speed bumps ahead.

5. Ghanana ghanana.

6. Hi dear.

7. Ready for third base.

8. What she said.

9. You’re also the coach,the referee and the audience.

10. Every. Single. Time.


Shreyas Manohar


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