6 Comics Take on the Delhi vs Mumbai Debate (Well, Hell, Here We Go Again)

By DA Staff 19 April 2019 2 mins read

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You’d rather be caught in the chokehold of Mumbai’s traffic or Delhi’s pollution than in the never-ending loop of the Mumbai vs Delhi debate. If you don’t know this already, take our word for it.

My city has better roads. Yeah, but pollution ki halat dekhi hai? Does your city even have a winter, bro? Kejriwal, LULZ. Shivaji LOLOLOLOL. A personal favourite is a Delhi smackdown by the guy whose lap I was (basically) sitting on on a crowded Mumbai local; he described the capital as “a sinking ship without a coast.”

It’s the fighting ring anyone living in either metro has entered at least once to prove their allegiance to where they’re from and how proud they are of it by pitting their city against the other.

While this debate hasn’t reached a conclusion yet, and probably never will, here are six comics who instigate you even more by articulating the differences and absurdities of the two. Here are our favourite distillations of these cities:

1. In which Delhi-born Abhishek Upmanyu is confused by Mumbai’s surprisingly forgiving nature

Delhi, Mumbai & Rich People

2. When Madhvendra Singh goes out in Mumbai and tells people he’s from Delhi, they offer their sympathies

MP, Delhi and Noida.

3. Vikramjit Singh unapologetically defends Delhi’s aggression with a special heckle appearance from a *drunk girl who passionately agrees*.

Understanding Delhi.

4. Why does every Delhi story sound like a low-grade horror movie with horrible reviews? Rajneesh Kapoor tries to figure it out

Mumbai versus Delhi

5. Mumbai’s biggest achievement? It’s… not Delhi, says Kunal Kamra


6. Abish Mathew Vents About Noida’s Planner

Indian City Rivalry


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