6 Great Book Lists From Comedians Who Insist You Rediscover The Joy of Reading

By Mihika Jindal 23 April 2019 2 mins read

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In a time where we spend most of our days endlessly scrolling up and down social media feeds, watching videos, double-tapping photos, there’s no time left for dedicated reading (headlines, captions and status messages don’t count).

For comedians in India, it’s also an occupational hazard. But when Kumar Varun did an AMA recently, and fans asked him about importance of reading and the books he’d recommend, he went all in with recommendations of his own, and tagging fellow comedians to pitch in. Suddenly everyone got a plenty of gyaan on the importance of reading, a peek into their bookshelves, and lots and lots of recommendations. Now we have reading material to last an entire year (maybe, more), and there is something for everyone.

As though he was already prepared with literary ammo, Kumar Varun dished out his current reading list almost instantly…

Biswa picked up from where Kumar left off, and further emphasised the importance of inculcating a reading habit. And guilty of being taken over by the cruel ways of the internet himself, Biswa knows it can get boring for some people to read a physical book. So he suggests downloading podcasts so you can listen to the book instead.

He helpfully and neatly divided his recommendations into categories, and covered as many as he could. First up, are general reads…

For those who’d rather finish books on their headphones…

And then some biopics.

Ensuring the wave doesn’t die, Biswa tagged Kanan Gill, who then shared his list with us, following a similar pattern of categorisation, giving us ‘must reads for all humans’, ‘best sci-fi’, ‘mast pop science’, ‘for minds and spiritual stuffzz’, and what he thinks is ‘the best book of the year’.

Kanan threw the ball in Neville Shah’s library. And he was ready with his own arsenal. Shah just put out a link to his Instagram highlights where he had recommended a variety of books last year for World Book Day. Because except for him, everyone was late to this book reading party. Also, you’re going to love his colour coordination. While we picked some of our favourites here, there are lots more in his highlights.

After a delicious three-course meal, dessert was this book recommendation video from Sanjay Manaktala. Not only did he give a brief summary of the books and some trivia, he also has an anti-recommendation—a book not to read, in addition to the five you must! Cheggit.

And if you still want more, there’s a whole list waiting in Rohan Joshi’s Instagram highlights—a happy mix of serious, fun and intense reads. He took out time over two days to offer bits of what seems like an unending list. Here’s a tasting menu:

If you want these book recommendations to continue, make sure you bombard them with book requests every time they engage in AMAs. We swear it’s better than badgering them to upload their next video. Happy World Book Day!


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