9 Hilarious Derps From The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 2 September 2021 2 mins read

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Funny pet videos are probably the best part of the internet. Nothing like a cat impersonating Ethan Hunt or a dog derping around aimlessly to bring the warm and fuzzies to even our darkest days. But domestic animals aren’t the only adorable weirdos around—our friends in the wild also pose for the paps from time to time. And to celebrate these golden moments, the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are back!

Founded by conservationists and photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam in 2015, the awards aim to celebrate our hilarious wild friends and promote the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. The final shortlist includes 42 images (chosen from over 7000 entries) taken across the globe. Viewers can be part of the judging process for the Afinity Photo People’s Choice award by voting for the images that made them laugh the most at before 12 October. The final winners will be announced in an online ceremony on 22 October.

While we wait for that, we’ve picked out 9 entries that made us go from “awwww” to “LOLOLOL” in no time. Borrowing from the ‘Indian Teachers Insult’ manual, tell us which photograph made you “laugh like a donkey.”

1. Hungover Mornings

Image by: Anita Ross, “Shhhh! I’m so hungover it hurts.”

2. My Heart Will Go On And Ooooooooon

Image by: Clemence Guinard, “The Baboon who feels like a tenor”

3. The Dad Selfie

Image by: Edwin Smits, “Fluff”

4. Dating Life During The Pandemic

Image by: Jakub Hodan, “Treehugger”

5. Mask On!

Image by: John Speirs, “I guess summer’s over”

6. “Insaan Kaha Hai?”

Image by: Axel Böcker, “Don’t worry. Be happy!”

7. If “Working On A Sunday” Had A Face

Image by: Andrew Mayes, “Monday Morning Mood”

8. Ooi Maa!

Image by: Ken Jensen, “Ouch!”

One For The Gram

Image by: Philipp Stahr, “Sweet lips are for kissing!”


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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