Akshay Kumar Interviewed PM Narendra Modi About, Well, Mangoes, and the Internet Has Many Thoughts

By DA Staff 26 April 2019 2 mins read

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Bollywood A-lister Akshay Kumar recently met PM Narendra Modi for a casual chat about mangoes, kurtas and not really missing his mom TBH. It was touted as an apolitical chat, an opportunity to better understand the man behind the PM. Between Modi’s giggles, they spoke about his love for the king of fruit, alternate career paths, and his obsession with work and sleep deprivation.

While bhakts and the party members can’t stop beaming with pride about about what a simple man the PM is, everyone else had a very different reaction. Here are some gems we curated off the internet.

José Covaco and friends can’t believe Akshay Kumar’s luck! He’s sure the actor had some intense queries up his sleeve. Except…

Journalist and TV anchor Ravish Kumar abandoned political discourse altogether himself, and dedicated the entire Prime Time hour on NDTV to the comprehensive coverage of mangoes. Election season? Pfft. MANGO SEASON, bitchez.

After having rated films, and people, KRK resurfaced to rate this interview. (Someone give him an award, already.)

Radhika Vaz also had something to say…

While Siddharth Dudeja made a keen observation.

Some had suggestions…

…while other had us thinking…

…and wondering if Arnab Goswami is really feeling left out.


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