CarryMinati’s Debut Rap Single ‘Yalgaar’ Crosses 65 Million Views

By DA Staff 9 June 2020 2 mins read

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In the latest episode of the ongoing tussle between YouTube and TikTok, YouTube superstar CarryMinati, aka Ajay Negar, has released a scathing, bhot hard rap single called Yalgaar, a diss track taking aim at the many people he’s been feuding with lately. The song, accompanied by a dizzying video, dropped on 5 June and has, at the time of writing, accumulated 65 million views. It’s the most trending video on YouTube currently, and has some nine million thumbs ups and over a million comments, many of which are accompanied by the fire emoji.

This long-raging blood feud intensified in May when TikToker Amir Siddiqui put out a video attacking YouTubers, a video that itself was a counter to a YouTube video roasting TikTokers. So far, so good. CarryMinati then put out a video in response to the response to the response, stoking the fire further. This video, titled YouTube vs TikTok: The End, attacked TikTokers in often sexist and homophobic terms, in turn generating considerable buzz. It has since been taken down by YouTube for violating community guidelines. It also brought into the ring Kunal Kamra, who took a break from watching Republic TV and made a cartoon video roasting CarryMinati. In a separate but related development, Kusha Kapila posted something about the whole thing as well, in which she did some “unroasting”.

And now there’s a rap song. ‘Yalgaar’ has been produced by Wily Frenzy, with words by CarryMinati. With tense ambience and a thuddering drum groove backing him, CarryMinati takes on a sinister tone of voice, speaking on themes of self-preservation, justice, and comeuppance. He takes on his haters and critics, rapping: “Inhe lagta hai mein ek fakeer hoon / agar ye hath hai to mein inki lakeer hoon / Jin hathon ne hai mujhko dabaya / un hathon ki toh dekh beta mein zanjeer hoon”. He takes plenty of shots throughout the three-and-a-bit-minutes duration of the video. He also speaks of his previous video, how taking it down caused pain to the whole country, and accuses Amir Siddiqui of playing the “victim card”. Another bar, in which he speaks of a sea filled with snakes, features Kunal Kamra (among others) on the screen, followed by talk of backstabbing.

We’re already bracing for the re-re-re-re-reaction. CarryMinati did, however, add a comment to the video saying, “Isse ab yahi khatam karte hai mera hogye.” (Sic) But he also added a mysterious update at the end of the comment, about never stopping and working on the next video, followed by a devil emoji. So we’re not sure if this is over yet—stay tuned.


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