Chennai Comic Rabhinder Kannan Drops Video About Swiggy, Gets Surprise Delivery of Free Food

By DA Staff 10 October 2019 2 mins read

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Five days ago, Chennai-based comedian Rabhinder Kannan, of Evam Standup Tamasha, put out an YouTube video dedicated to his alarming addiction with Swiggy since he started living on his own. So much so that the delivery guys are now his well-wishers, even as they bring him kotthu parotta parcels from across the road, late night snacks, and packets of chutney in the torrential rains.

But the real surprise came when the food delivery app reached out to him for his address later that night:

And what followed was… FREE CAKE!

Aww, yeah. Well played, Swiggy!


DA Staff

Damn straight. Dead Ant has staff. You’d better believe it.


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