Comedians on Tour Selling Tickets: 10 Questions with Amit Tandon

By DA Staff 3 March 2020 2 mins read

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Amit Tandon’s Family Tandoncies, Netflix’s first-ever Hindi standup special, released on the streaming platform on 28 February, but Tandon’s already working towards the next one. Set to take his brand new special, Masala Sandwich on tour across India—as well as Canada, USA and Australia—we asked the comedian 10 (plus one!) quick questions, including who you should be taking with you for this family-friendly, wholesome entertainer:

1. Quick! What’s this show about?

It’s about the mid-life crisis of people sandwiched between kids and parents. So, a lot about me and my family.

2. How many shows are you doing across how many cities?

We have 80-100 shows planned for the year across as many cities. This includes Canada, US, Australia and probably Europe.

3. How long has it taken you to come up with this?

A month-and-a-half to write, and two months of trial shows.

4. Is this already leading up to a recorded special for Amazon or Netflix? When is that scheduled to release?

It’s coming into shape already and the audience response is good. So if a platform wants me to record with them, then why not?

5. Why should we watch it live?

Two words – Relatable Comedy. Most people say that it seems like I was telling their story.

6. Do your kids regularly want to kill you for mining their lives and growing up years for comedy gold?

Not at all! They are the only ones in their school to feature in a Netflix special. I am their cool quotient.

7. Family Tandoncies just released on Friday. What’s different about this one?

This one is a layer deeper and closer home than Family Tandoncies.

8. You’re a master on the politics of family, any chance you’ll also venture into politics of state and nation? Why do you stay away from that kind of comedy?

Not a conscious effort. My time, and hence my mind space, is largely occupied by my kids and wife. So when I start writing, those are the issues that come to my mind first. I have written about politics but not enough to form a set. I post on social media and also get my share of trolling.

10. According to you, who would be the ideal Plus 1 to bring to the live show?

This one is for the kids. Come with your child and you will be looking at each other with a smile throughout.

11. You’re touring a lot of smaller towns and cities. Why have you picked these specifically? What’s the comedy audience/your fan base like there?

Exploring some new cities for the very first time as the Internet has crushed boundaries in entertainment. I have no clue how many people will know (of me). But as a comedian, you are a risk taker.


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