Then & Now: ICYMI, Your Favourite Comedians Are Super Into The #10YearChallenge

By DA Staff 17 January 2019 2 mins read

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For the longest 24 hours so far this year, our Instagram timelines were flooded with that stock image of the egg that broke the record for most-liked photo (40 million likes and counting) on the social platform, booting Kylie Jenner (25 million likes) out of top spot in a matter of hours. 

But before the egg had a chance to float to the surface, the #10YearChallenge took over and all of today, we’ve seen all manner of celebrities post two photographs taken 10 years apart, placing them side by side for the Before and After showcase. It’s an expression of self-love, to show the world how you’ve “glowed up”, or it’s EVENMOREDATA for Zuckerberg, depending on how paranoid you are. Indian comics have succumbed. Here’s a look at some of your favourite standup comedians well before they were anywhere near famous.

Rohan Joshi

Joshi’s prone to frequent attacks of the feelz, and this one got him shouting out to his mom, sister, friends, his own face and his fashion choices from 10, 15, and 35 years ago. Yeah ok, he cheated, but it’s an internet challenge, kindly relax. 

Kaneez Surka

The only difference between Surka then and now is the quality of the camera she’s using. Whoever said change is the only constant is dumb as chips. 

Daniel Fernandes

That’s not Fernandes in 2009, which means he’s happily cheated as well, but who cares if he did it for the squee’s… lookit his baby face!

Vir Das 

Overdelivered as usual on with different examples on both Instagram and Twitter.

And then came the clowns…

Rahul Subramanian

10 years ago, Subramanian had the hair shampoo commercials would pay good money for. Today he insists he’s the Queen of Dandiya.

Sapan Verma

Here’s Verma playing up a long-running joke about his uncanny resemblance to child (now adult?) actor Darsheel Safary.

Govind Menon

Menon has been told so many times that he looks like fellow comic Kanan Gill that he just decided to own that shit and be done with it.

When I grow up…

Aadar Malik

…We have no idea what’s going here tbh. 


DA Staff

Damn straight. Dead Ant has staff. You’d better believe it.


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