Comedy Bootcamp: Workshops To Boost Your Standup Career

By DA Staff 9 August 2023 3 mins read

These picks are perfect for upgrading your talents to hit it big time!

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You might think comedy is all about spontaneous wit and instinctive timing, but even the best artists once needed a bit of help to refine their craft. Workshops are like the Mojo Dojo Casa House (IFKYK) of comedy, where you’ll learn the art of laughter and the science of chuckles. We’ve got the scoop on a few workshops that’ll turn you into a full-fledged LOL-ologist.

Improv 101 with Neville Bharucha

The beauty of improv (i.e. improvisational comedy) is that you learn skills that will always spill over to other aspects of your personal, home, and work life. As a bonus, you get to meet new people who are just as keen on you to make people laugh. Improv Level 1 is an eight-session workshop led by Neville Bharucha, an improv trainer and comedy writer, who will teach you everything you need to know about the form: how to build a narrative, how to think on your feet, how to work with other actors. And you don’t need to be a professional or even an amateur comic. Bharucha’s workshops are all about creating a positive, encouraging environment where even the shyest introvert can find their footing.

“The sessions were super fun,” says Rajavi Singh who attended the previous online edition held in May. “I was apprehensive since I know nothing about standup but from the first session, I was hooked.”

This month’s workshop is already in motion, but keep an eye out for announcements about his September class.

Zero to 60 Standup Comedy Workshop – Kunal Rao

Jokes seem effortless when performed on stage, but behind every punchline there’s hours and hours spent writing and re-writing. Standup comedian Kunal Rao knows how to boost your writing skills—he’s been in the business for 13 years to prove it. This 4-week, Sunday-only Zoom workshop aims to give you the tools you need to ideate, write and package different types of jokes. The mission is to keep the chuckles coming.

“Overall, I absolutely loved it!,” says attendee Chandani P. “The knowledge and tips shared made it really worthwhile. Plus, you get feedback on the spot.” Why not your August Sundays learning about the power of joke writing?

Understanding Body Language – Knowledge Academy

Any seasoned comedian knows to keep an eye on the audience and their facial expressions when you’re on-stage. It’s the best way to gauge how your set is going, after all. But what most people don’t realise is that this works both ways. How you hold yourself on the stage, the gestures you make, all of that has a big influence on how the audience reacts to your jokes. It’s all in the body language… if you can learn how to read it.

UK-based global training company The Knowledge Academy is here to help. The institute offers an 8-hour workshop in Mumbai that gives you the lowdown on this form of non-verbal communication, its ABCs if you like. With options to attend online, in-person, or even in a classroom, you’ll cover the basics and so much more. Plus, they offer limited discounts to get your training started on a budget. Check out the details here.

Johnny Lever Teaches Comedy – Unluclass

In celebration of his birthday this month, why not take lessons straight from the master? Johnny Lever has collaborated with e-learning startup Unlu to create this exclusive masterclass on what it takes to become a comedy sensation, from stage to screen. In the two-and-a-half-hour course, he lays out his guidelines and insights into what it takes to become a successful entertainer. Learn everything about staying relevant, crafting characters, and other lessons from his journey so far. Get your hands on the online course today!


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