#DACA21: Here Are the Winners of the DeadAnt Annual Comedy Awards!

By DA Staff 31 December 2021 2 mins read

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All good things take time, this one just took a bit more. You’ve already voted, we’ve just done the math. The winners of the DeadAnt Annual Comedy Awards have been chosen.

With these awards we celebrate and highlight the best of Indian standup from 1 March 2020– 28 February 2021. They’re like the Oscars, but the kind Indian standup n̶e̶e̶d̶s̶ deserves. Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Online Comedy Special

Best online comedy special released across streaming platforms (30 min/60 min).

Best Comedy Format Show

This award recognises other forms of comedy—outside of traditional standup—to celebrate those who experimented with formats this year.

Most Exciting Voice Of 2021

The artist who really made us sit up and pay attention this year, whether by blowing up on the internet, selling out auditorium shows, or finding other ways to be among the most talked about.

Best Comedy For Awareness

This award recognises artists who dig deep; they ask the right questions, deliver the hard truths, and use their celebrity, stage time and craft to go beyond just the laughs per minute.

Best Web Series By A Comedian

Homegrown comedians brought their talents to streaming platforms this year showcasing their brilliant writing, acting, direction and sense of humour. But who made the biggest splash?

Best Podcast By A Comedian

Every comedian suddenly seems to have one. But who’s the class topper?

Best Social Media Game

With so much time on our hands, all of us were busy scrolling through social media for hours on end. Who made you LOL the loudest? In other words, who are the comics whose social media feeds are a constant source of joy? This is an appreciation award for the inordinate amounts of effort and battles with screen time it takes to keep both algorithms and audiences happy.

Funniest Person on The Indian Internet

An award for the guys who have you sniggering into your phones with memes, sketches, alter-egos and hilarious perspectives.

Hungama Entertainer of the Year

This award celebrates a comedian who has had an outstanding year, excelling in multiple arenas and raising the profile of Indian standup comedy.

India’s Favourite International Special

The International comedy special that fans in India watched, talked about and loved, through the year.


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