DeadAnt Announces First-Ever Edition Of The Laughing Dead Comedy Festival

By DA Staff 24 February 2023 2 mins read

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Yes! It’s finally happening! DeadAnt has announced the first edition of our two-day comedy festival Laughing Dead with an all-star lineup featuring India’s top comedians and a secret international headliner, who will be revealed shortly. Taking place at Mumbai’s iconic Mehboob Studios from 18-19 March, this one is for everyone who uses humour as a coping mechanism in these increasingly absurd times. Produced by DeadAnt, India’s leading voice in comedy, Laughing Dead is a celebration of the beginning of the end. To ensure we have the best chance for survival, or at least go out doing what we love— laughing—we’ve put together five incredible shows with a line-up of some of the biggest names in comedy today (and once again, an international headliner)!

Here are all the shows happening at the Laughing Dead!


Laughing Dead’s star-studded showcase of the biggest, baddest and silliest voices in Indian comedy, this two-part lineup show will see 9 amazing comedians perform at the Cold Storage stage at the iconic Mehboob Studios each day. Ably hosted (and abetted) by Daniel Fernandes, this show will have you laughing your guts out!

Who’s on the lineup?

Deadliners 1: Aditi Mittal, Amit Tandon, Ashish Shakya, Kunal Rao, Shreeja Chaturvedi, Sorabh Pant, Varun Grover and Varun Thakur.

Deadliners 2: Abhishek Upmanyu, Anirban Dasgupta, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Atul Khatri, Gurleen Pannu, Prashasti Singh, Rohan Joshi, Sumaira Shaikh.

Get your tickets for Deadliners 1 and Deadliners 2 here!

The Monster Debate

Get ready to laugh along (nervously, if you’re with a date) as your favourite comedians get down and dirty, debating everything love, sex, and relationships! Join our contestants as they go head-to-head in a battle of wit, navigating the highs and lows of dating and commitment. Who’s the captain of the situationship? Can you be a friendly ghost? What even IS “breadcrumbing”? Grab a ticket for The Monster Debate for some top-notch “after-dark” humour in broad daylight.

Who’s on the lineup?

Abish Mathew, Anshu Mor, Kusha Kapila, Mallika Dua, Rohan Joshi, Sakshi Shivdasani, Srishti Dixit (and more to be announced soon!)

Grab a ticket for The Monster Debate for some top-notch “after-dark” humour. The insights into GenZ vs Millennial dating are just a bonus.

Guts & Glory

The best thing about big lineup shows is watching Davids and Goliaths perform at the same stage, and we’re leaning into that with the DeadAnt Guts & Glory Showcase. Hand-picked comedy newcomers will perform alongside their more established peers and see if they have what it takes to slay on the biggest stages. If you wanna see Indian comedy’s Next Big Things duke it out with its current Big Things, this is the show for you.

(Secret) International Headliner

Yes, we’re going to milk this a little more. Trust us, you’re not ready for it. Bringing this internationally acclaimed comedian to our country for the first time, DeadAnt is going to be name-dropping HARD soon. So stay tuned.

If you’re a comedy superfan get yourself a Grin Reaper All-Access Pass, because you’re no dilettante day-tripper. You don’t just look into the abyss, you dive straight in, laughing hard enough to scare even The Void. You are the Laughing Dead and this is your home for the weekend.

The Pass gets you access to our five marquee shows—Deadliners 1, Deadliners 2, Secret Headliner Act, The Monster Debate and the Guts and Glory Pro-Am Showcase—and amazing premium seats (Rows 3 to 5)!

See you there!


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