Garry Kasparov To Appear On Samay Raina’s Chess Stream

By DA Staff 6 August 2021 2 mins read

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Just when you think Samay Raina can’t outdo himself, the comedian and chess streamer pulls out a new trick from under his sleeve. The comic is bringing on yet another World Champion on his live-stream this evening—after Vishwanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen—and this time it is 4-time World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov. The Russian grandmaster will go live with Raina on his YouTube channel at 7:30pm for a 90-minute live stream.

Raina announced the exciting collaboration with an Instagram post on 4 August with a caption that read, “With the greatest of all time”.

The comedian will be accompanied by his mentor and trainer IM Sagar Shah and GM Vidit Gujarathi, who has just come back from a stellar performance at the Chess World Cup in Sochi, Russia. Raina has always come up with new formats of the timeless strategy game—such as dice chess and hand-and-brain—to play with the greats and we’re excited to see what he has planned for the former world no.1 player.

Raina has also been gearing up for his upcoming Comedians On Board: All In tournament which is being held from 11-14 August. The competition is fierce this time with some serious opponents such as mentalist Vivek Desai and comedian Manek Mahana on the line-up. Not to forget the usual suspects Biswa Kalyan Rath—who competed in the National Senior Online Championship along with Raina last week—and Anirban Dasgupta and Vaibhav Sethia who have been training alongside Raina for the last year and a half. Needless to say, Raina will try to pick up some tricks from the GOAT this evening and give the contestants a run for their money at the upcoming tournament.

You can watch the upcoming live stream here.


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