Good Morning Teacher: Standup Comedy Clips To Enjoy This Teacher’s Day

By DA Staff 5 September 2023 2 mins read

Here's a Teacher's Day watchlist to trigger some nostalgic memories.

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Back in my school, on Teacher’s Day, the tenth-graders would dress up as their favourite professors and take over one classroom for the entire day. The teachers on the other hand would have a relaxing day in the auditorium, enjoying some food, beverages and their one day of freedom from us hooligans. They deserved some solace from the loud angsty teenagers we were.

Despite dealing with us insufferable kids on a daily basis, some incredible teachers look past the shenanigans and bring out the best in all of us. They spot our talents, call out our mistakes and push us to be the best versions of ourselves. But a lot of them are far from perfect and our very dear comedians have called them out time and again.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite jokes that poke some light-hearted fun at teachers. Just hit play and send it to your favourite tutors, professors and mentors from school! What are they going to do? Give you extra homework? Well, they might, you never know so do it at your own risk.

Students and Hecklers, Aashish Solanki Sees No Difference

Natiq Hasan Knows How To School A Teacher

Homework Never Ends For Shreeja Chaturvedi

Indian Teachers Got No Chill ft. Piyush Sharma

Teachers Supercut Ft. International Comedians


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