Jerry Seinfeld Maps Out His Journey As a Comic In Memoir ‘Is This Anything?’, One Joke At A Time

By DA Staff 14 December 2020 2 mins read

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Comedy’s finest Jerry Seinfeld lists and dissects every single joke he’s thought of since he was 21 in his new book Is This Anything?, published on 6 October. The book’s title refers to the familiar question every comic asks themselves when they’re about to try out new material. Published by Simon & Schuster, Is This Anything? guarantees a host of one-liners and hilarious anecdotes as it maps out Seinfeld’s journey from a 21-year-old wannabe comic performing for free hamburgers to the comic icon we all know and love.

On being asked why he documented every single idea over a 45-year-long career, Seinfeld told Associated Press that “a lot of people ask me that question and I always say I don’t know why I saved anything else. This is the most valuable thing I have.”

Seinfeld fans will find all their favourite bits in the book, along with plenty of incisive and insightful deep cuts that illustrate his ability to find fresh and unique perspectives on standup comedy staples like airplane food and bachelorhood. “These pages are the map of the forty-five-year-long road I’ve been on to become this odd, unusual thing that is the only thing I ever really wanted to be,” he writes.


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