José Covaco’s ‘Misheard Lyrics’ Has Ruined Songs for Us for 6 Years & Counting

By Mihika Jindal 1 August 2019

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Back in 2014, when José Covaco was more about messy hair and making nonsensical Vines than scoring points for being super-dad to his adorable daughter Chloé, he started the viral series ‘Misheard Lyrics’. If he misheard the lyrics to a popular song, he made sure he let everyone know so we could never un-hear it again. It’s been six years since, and instead of dying out, this series has only grown stronger–now with open contributions from his fans and social media family, who make sure he never runs out of options. If you haven’t stumbled upon this on your own yet, YOU’RE WELCOME. If you’re a regular double-tapper, consider this your refresher course (it even ages well).

Covaco initially started with trashy Bollywood numbers, you know the ones generally sung through the nose, that have such disconnected lyrics anyway that the chances of mishearing are just as high as them being the actual lyrics.

It started out simply enough, with Covaco’s version of the lyrics scribbled on a plain sheet of paper. His epiphanies seemed convincing, striking him just about anywhere—in his office, at a cafe, in his room, in someone else’s room. His constant deadpan expression, followed by exagerrated disbelief at the ridiculous lyrics have never failed to have us in splits. And of course, any songs he’s misheard once, we continue to mishear forever.

The comments section is almost always filled with people suggesting more songs; one that they’ve misheard. A bunch of painfully self-righteous folk have defended the lyrics and called bullshit on Covaco. but the majority LOL’d and played along, spreading the fire, and keeping it burning.

In phase 2, he upgraded and got himself a mini-whiteboard, a sign that gave all us fans hope that his vine of ‘Misheard Lyrics’ was here to stay. He was investing in it, after all. It was almost like the whiteboard came along with a top-up of expressions and swag, Covaco was now grooving in his videos.

The board became bigger, just like the madness around it. And we can’t stop watching these gems over and over again.

He then graduated to ruin international chart busters as well.

And some random bits from random songs…

Please note how the board gets even bigger, the whiteboard serving as a direct sign of progress of this series, when Covaco invites his friends to this party.

In 2017, it felt like people around the country were mishearing lyrics more than ever. While a lot of people dealt with the dilemma of deciding whether they can/should make their own versions of this format, Covaco started crowdsourcing suggestions for Misheard Lyrics and crediting the discoverer in the caption.

By 2018, his whiteboard had become the protagonist of a story Covaco was just a supporting actor in. Suggestions from fans poured in. His selection of songs became funnier. Lyrics were written in bigger and bolder letters. And Covaco started dancing (?!) in his videos.

We wish that bug Hoezaay has in his hearing system that makes him mishear lyrics never leaves.


Mihika Jindal


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