Kannada-Language Film ‘Aachar & Co’ Written By Kanan Gill & Sindhu Murthy To Release On 28 July

By DA Staff 14 July 2023 2 mins read

'Aachar & Co' written by comedian Kanan Gill and actress Sindhu Murthy releases on 28 July.

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After the success of his latest comedy special Is This It? Kanan Gill has one more big release slated for this month. The comedian teamed up with actress Sindhu Murthy a few years ago to write a movie titled Aachar & Co which is set to release on 28 July, he announced in an Instagram post this morning.

The Kannada-language film—directed and acted in by Sindhu—is a coming-of-age story about siblings who come from an orthodox family as they navigate the changes in patriarchy, arranged marriages, gender roles, education and work opportunities for women through the 1960s-70s of Bangalore.

“I wasn’t alive in the 60s but it’s a safe bet that the world wasn’t backlit with apocalypse as much as it is now —yet in serenity too there were challenges and among the challenges, new and exciting sources for joy,” he said in the post.

This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated. Sindhu and Gill were co-stars in the comedy series Better Life Foundation. Sindhu was also part of Brahman Naman in which comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath played a supporting role.


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