12 Times Kunal Kamra Threw Serious Shade At Arnab Goswami On Twitter

By DA Staff 21 December 2018 2 mins read

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To judge Arnab Goswami’s credibility as a journalist, you only have to look at how he grovelled when he interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mukesh Ambani and the ferocity with which he interviewed Rahul Gandhi.

Goswami has long been a favourite target of comedian Kunal Kamra. Kamra has what can best be described as a dislike-like relationship with Goswami. In that Kamra dislikes Goswami and he likes to tear into him every opportunity he gets. His obsession with Goswami is evidenced by how much he talks about him in his standup, tweets and the occasional Instagram live. In his own words, “Arnab Goswami ek sastanasha hai mere liye. Doston I’m an addict.” He’s been at it for ages and Kamra’s tweets are hilarious.

1. Especially when he’s amused at Arnab’s excuses for the BJP’s poor electoral performance in December 2018…

2. …or Arnab’s incessant attacks on the UPA.

3. When he’s let his imagination run free…

4. …but also when he slams Arnab for his zeal for Hindutva issues.

5. Sometimes, the tweets are just straightforward smackdowns:






11. Here’s Kamra being horrified all over again at how Arnab grovels before the most powerful man in the country.

12. But not before…

And, in closing, we’re now accepting submissions for this story:

Given that there is almost no media criticism in the country these days and that media regulators do very little to control hate-spewing anchors like Goswami, Kamra’s commentary is crucial to helping people see the damage that virulent anchors like Goswami and channels like Republic do to public discourse. More power to him.


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