Who Died & Made Kunal Rao Agony Uncle? Surprisingly Satisfying AMA Answers On Life & Love From A Comic Playing Love Guru

By DA Staff 7 February 2019 2 mins read

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If all the world’s a stage, then you can be sure that standup comedians are going to get up on it. And when it comes to AMAs, there are a few (Daniel Fernandes, Rohan Joshi, Kunal Rao) who also carve out plenty of stage time on social media for themselves. Who knows why you think they have all the answers, but this is how it works: You ask, they answer, the gods send their blessings.

Here’s Kunal Rao on life, love and, erm, Haddaway.


DA Staff

Damn straight. Dead Ant has staff. You’d better believe it.


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