LGBTQ+ Docuseries ‘Rainbow Rishta’ Co-Written By Navin Noronha Has Been Nominated For The Prestigious GLAAD Media Awards

By Rohan Krishnan 24 January 2024 2 mins read

'Rainbow Rishta', a six-part unscripted LGBTQ+ docuseries co-written by Navin Noronha has bagged a nomination for ‘Outstanding Documentary’ at the GLAAD Media Awards.

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Rainbow Rishta, an LGBTQ+ six-part unscripted docuseries that celebrates queer love in India has bagged a nomination for ‘Outstanding Documentary’ at the GLAAD Media Awards. These awards celebrate outstanding representations of the LGBTQ+ community. This is the first time an Indian docuseries has been nominated for the prestigious award.

The Vice Studios produced docuseries—co-written by comedian Navin Noronha—follows the lives of Trineta Haldar, Aishwarya Ayushmaan, Daniella Mendonca, Aneez Saikia, Sanam Choudhary, Soham Sengupta, Suresh Ramdas and Sadam Hanjabam and highlights their journey, aspirations and desires. Noronha was part of a small team working on the project since its inception, along with three others including director Jaydeep Sarkar.

The comedian was about to hit the stage at The Habitat, Mumbai when he received the news of the nomination. “I was sitting in the green room waiting for my spot, nervous,” says the comedian. “That’s when Adhiraj Singh, who works at Vice, sent me this post with the GLAAD nomination list and Rainbow Rishta was on it. I started shrieking and comedian Tushar Poojari, who also organises shows at the venue, came in asking, ‘Kya ho gaya, kya ho gaya?’”

Many of the biggest queer artists—including Jerrod Carmichael, Bad Bunny, Lil Nas X and Madonna—have been honoured with GLAAD Awards in the past. “It’s a big deal! When I was younger, I used to see Elton John, Ru Paul and Adam Lambert associated with the GLAAD Awards,” Noronha added. “They are pioneers in the queer scene. I was like, one day, maybe, I will also get a chance to be nominated. And yeah, this is India’s first docuseries to become a part of GLAAD’s award nomination. A big, big thing for all of us.”

That said, the comedian wants more. “I hope the Emmys also happen,” said Noronha. “The show has also been sent for the Emmys, I think. Golden Globes as well. We want all the awards. And given the current scenario in the country I think it’s very important to celebrate love, now more than ever.”


Rohan Krishnan


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