‘Louis C.K. Live’: This Guy Just Taped a New Comedy Special in Washington

By DA Staff 12 March 2020 2 mins read

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There’s been no official announcement, but according to a thread that’s been blowing up on Reddit, Louis C.K. taped a standup special at Warner Theatre in Washington DC on Sunday. User TalkingMousecup (don’t ask) confirmed, “Was there too…pretty crazy stuff. Camera crew interviewed my parents for a potential opening segment (?)”. 

Others in attendance have corroborated the story with one user (Afrothinderzx—again, don’t ask, this is Reddit) saying it was a “great comedy set” but also “I have to admit, sitting underneath that damn camera crane was a pain-in-the-ass. Just a constant buzzing stutter.”

The message board is filled with support for the comedian, who hasn’t released a special since 2017, when news broke about CK’s sexual misconduct with women, including masturbating in front of female colleagues, which he admitted to. 

In 2011, Louis CK famously released his comedy special Live at the Beacon Theater independently via his websiteand a PayPal model, through which he raised US$ 1 million. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the route he chooses to reach his (seemingly unaffected) fanbase again. Though considering he’s been on the road performing to sold-out theatres the last few months—despite growing coronavirus precautionary measures—we wouldn’t be surprised if it got picked up by a channel or streaming service either. Because, you know how these allegations destroy a man’s career…

According to anecdotal data, he did address the “global amounts of trouble” he got into, but until the material is released, there is no way of knowing if it was enough. 


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