Love This For You: V-Day Comedy Gigs You Have To Take Your Date For

By DA Staff 10 February 2024 3 mins read

Love is in the air and DeadAnt has curated the best gigs to take your significant other to on Valentine’s Week.

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Smell that? Is that love in the air? No, it’s a mixture of smoke, fumes, soot, other byproducts of combustion, windblown dust, sea salt, pollen, and spores. Yeah, guess who doesn’t have a date this Valentine’s Day. But for those who do and want to make a whole d*mn evening out of it and for the ones who want to “celebrate ironically” (sure) we’ve picked out the best gigs to take your significant other to on Valentine’s Week.

Never Have I Ever – Swati Sachdeva (13 February)

Looking to spice things up? Why not check out Swati Sachdeva’s interactive crowdwork show Never Have I Ever. In case you haven’t played this fun drinking game before with your mates (did you not have a college life?) then here’s how it goes. One person makes a statement about something they’ve never done before starting with “Never have I ever” (for example: Never have I ever laughed at a dead baby joke). Anyone who has done the action mentioned in the statement has to sip their drink. Sachdeva has taking the game to the stage, and we forsee lots of cheeky fun!

Attend Never Have I Ever at Summer House Cafe (Delhi). Tickets start at INR 599.

Love Sex Dhoka – Jeeya Sethi & More (10 February)

If you and your partner are the edgy type who don’t believe love is real (aww, someone got hurt bad) you might find that this gig is the best of the lot. This one has a large lineup curated by Jeeya Sethi’s Comedy Ladder and including the likes of Sethi herself, Namrata Arora, Anjana Bapat, Agrima Joshua and more. For those who love love, hate love or have been hurt in a relationship.

Attend Love Sex Dhoka at The Integral Space (Mumbai). Tickets start at INR 200.

Queer Rated Comedy – Navin Noronha & More (11 February)

Comedian Navin Noronha started curating (India’s first) all-queer comedy lineups back during the COVID-19 pandemic and there’s been no looking back. Queer Rated Comedy now tours cities across India in a first-of-its-kind showcase and is not to miss for any couple who is looking to get out there and expand their horizons.

Attend Queer Rated Comedy at The Square (Mumbai). Tickets start at INR 299.

Valentine’s Day Special – Daahab Chishti, Shreya Priyam Roy, Kaustubh Agarwal (14 February)

If you’re a couple that loves to explore and discover, why not try out the Valentine’s Day Special! This lineup features some of the most promising names in standup comedy all in one Valentine’s Day-themed line-up. We’re talking about Daahab Chishti, Shreya Priyam Roy and Kaustubh Agarwal. You’ll be certified comedy aficionados!

Attend Valentine’s Day Special at Comedy County (Noida). Tickets start at INR 499.

Deewane Huye Pagal – Inder Sahni, Rajat Sood, Badel Sharma, Vivek Samtani (14 February)

We’re drawn to this Valentine’s themed comedy lineup because of the energy that each comedian—Inder Sahni, Rajat Sood and Badel Sharma—brings to the crowd, and particularly because it’s got a comedy matchmaker in Vivek Samtani. Recently Samtani tried an experimental new format which is an interactive crowd work show that he told DeadAnt to think of as a “live dating app.” 

Attend Deewane Huye Pagal at The Laugh Store (Delhi). Tickets start at INR 499.

Date Night – Siddharth Sudhakar (14 February)

Comedian Siddharth Sudhakar will be celebrating completing one year of his show Date Night on V-Day! The show features 45 minutes of standup as well as an interactive crowd work set on relationships which even features a fun little game called Red Flag Green Flag in which the comedian and the audience identify green and red flags together. “Its a date with them and me,” says the comedian. What’s more? The tickets are based on your relationship status! 

Attend Date Night at Happy High (Delhi). Tickets start at INR 299.


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