Manifesting Dreams: Navin Noronha Talks About His Brand New Show ‘Homewrecker’ And Upcoming Europe Tour

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 7 February 2024 3 mins read

Navin Noronha is all set to jet off to Europe with his brand new show 'Homewrecker. Here's everything you need to know!

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Navin Noronha has had an exciting start to the year. First, Rainbow Rishta, a six-part docuseries co-written by Noronha that celebrates queer love in India picked up a nomination for Outstanding Documentary at the prestigious GLAAD Media Awards. And now, the comedian has announced a Europe tour starting 21 February. The comedian is taking his brand new show Homewrecker to five cities across Germany and Netherlands. This is a dream come true for Noronha who has been manifesting this moment since he was a little child growing up in Bhayandar. What’s the show about? How did he come up with the name? How nervous is he? Read for all of that and more!

Quick! What’s this show about?

I’m talking about a whole bunch of things including threesomes, open relationships and a whole lot of other things that I don’t want to disclose right now. I’m trying to offer a uniquely Indian perspective about Indian queer relationships but also trying to keep it universal.

How many shows are you doing, across how many cities?

I’m doing five cities in Europe across Germany and Netherlands. Right now we have 12 shows lined up but we’ll add a few more as the dates come closer. Some of them I’m headlining. I’m also doing a festival in Utrecht in Netherlands.

How long did you spend writing the show?

This show came together right after I released my first special The Good Child. Around October-November last year we locked the festival in Utrecht. So for that I started preparing an all-English set for the European audience. For the last three months, I’ve just been workshopping bits that I’ll be performing there. It’ll be interesting to see how the material that works in India fares in Europe.

Is this already leading up to a recorded special for a streaming platform?

For this special I haven’t yet decided whether I want to record it as a whole show or as separate bits. The show is still evolving. I’ll keep touring with it once I’m back in India as well to keep adding to it. Only once I’m happy with what I have will I get to the next step.

Why should we watch it live?

People should come watch me live especially for the atmosphere I create during the show. It’s a safe space for everyone but at the same time it is raunchy and exciting. After all these years of performing, I can finally say that I have a Navin Noronha Experience to offer to the people who come for my shows. Everyone leaves having watched something new. And my fans and audience always have some thoughts and positive criticism to share. I love that interaction as well, so maybe come to make me a better comic?

According to you, who would be the ideal plus-one to bring to the live show?

Bring anybody to the show as long as they want to have a good time and need a laugh in their life. If you’re a straight person coming to the show, bring your queer friends. For queer folks, bring your straight friends. A lot of people have brought their straight friends who want to be better allies and they’ve left with a more well-rounded perspective about the queer experience. I want people to know that us queer people can laugh at ourselves and we have a sense of levity.

Why are you calling this show ‘Homewrecker’?

In honour of all the homes and “homos” I’ve wrecked through the course of my existence. *Laughs* It’s also a reference to a bit that I have in the show that made me quite infamous on Twitter for no reason.

On a scale of 1 – WTFAMIDOING, how nervous are you?

Nervous, very much so. Let’s say an eight. But excited beyond wtfamidoing. I’m almost like, “Yeah, I belong here.” This has been a lifetime’s manifestation come true.

Which city are you most excited to perform in and why?

Amsterdam. It’s one of those dream cities that I’ve always read about, fantasised about, envisioned in my life. And a month from now I’ll be in f*cking Amsterdam. A queer boy from Bhayandar who grew up in a chawl does not envision going to Berlin and Amsterdam. These are not dreams that people from our walk of life have. So, to have this dream and make it tangible is in itself a huge deal for me. I’m just looking forward to having a lot of fun. I’ve got my cool backpack and my currency and looking forward to visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam. *wink wink*

The one thing you’ll miss about Mumbai the most.

My cats, my partner, this little haven that I have. And the food (even though Mumbai food isn’t the best). But it’s better than what I’ve seen during my research of Europe. And my trusty jet spray.

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