Andrew Schulz Encourages Comedians To Go Independent After ‘Infamous’ Success

By DA Staff 22 July 2022 2 mins read

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“F**k editing jokes! Don’t edit a single goddamn thing, comics! Put your faith in the people.” Remember when Andrew Schulz bet on himself and his fans for his latest special Infamous? By pulling out of his streaming deal and publishing it on his website? Well, that seems to have paid off! The comedian claims he’s made back three times the money that went into the production so far. And counting.

Back home, Vir Das took a shot at this model with Inside Out in August 2020, where the proceeds went to four Covid-relief charities. And then Netflix bought it from him anyway (win-win!). But the first to really take the risk was Daniel Fernandes who released Shadows on his YouTube channel in November 2019 on a pay-as-you-like model, which allowed him to make back his cost within hours. And won him an award for Comedy Innovation at the DeadAnt Annual Comedy Awards (DACA) in 2020.

Schulz’s special is still available for another 11 days on for Rs 1209.


DA Staff

Damn straight. Dead Ant has staff. You’d better believe it.


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