Comedian Kim Congdon Sexually Assaulted By Fan After Her Performance

By DA Staff 14 October 2022 2 mins read

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Comedian Kim Congdon was sexually assaulted by a fan after her set at the Sony Hall in New York last Saturday. The Impractical Jokers star, who was opening for Joey Diaz, told Deadline she was groped by the audience member, who later “pretended to be blind.”

“If u saw me kick a guys ass after the show last night, I am sorry,” Congdon tweeted on 9 October. “He sexually assaulted me after my set (and bragged about it on his way out), ruining an otherwise perfect night for me.”

The incident took place when Congdon went to get her phone from near the sound booth. This was when the man “poked me in my vagina,” she told Deadline. “When it happened, I was already walking the other way. When I turned around he literally pretended like he was blind,” she continued.

Diaz was about to start his set and the lights were down when the incident took place. The man managed to slip away in the darkness, but was later located by the venue officials. He was kicked out after Congdon later identified him.

Congdon’s statement was met with broad support, but as is the case with most social media platforms, there were some people who questioned the incident and resorted to trolling the comedian.

“I can’t believe I have to say this but I would not tweet or make a fuss about someone grazing me by accident,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m not out to get or accuse anyone. This man poked me in my vagina twice essentially trying to “finger me” through leggings when I walked by him.”

Congdon has been part of the standup comedy industry for 10 years. She has worked on shows including Impractical Jokers and Stoned Science and appeared on some of the bigger podcasts out there such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Kill Tony. During her time as a performer, she has dealt with “stalkers and all kinds of things,” she told Deadline. She said her first thought after the incident was that “’this probably won’t be the last time.”


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