Craig Robinson Comedy Show Evacuated Due To ‘Active Shooter’ Incident

By DA Staff 18 July 2022 2 mins read

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A man brandished his gun and fired a single shot at a Charlotte, North Carolina comedy club where Craig Robinson was set to perform this Saturday. The comedian was in his green room waiting to go on stage when the incident happened, and was evacuated along with the club’s patrons while the gunman was apprehended by the police.

Nobody was injured in the shooting, and Robinson—best known for his roles in ‘The Office’ and ‘Pineapple Express’—recounted the experience in an Instagram video shot at the Big Time Rush concert where he was seeking refuge. “I’m performing at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina, ” he said. “There was an active shooter in the comedy club. So they moved us over to this—there’s a concert going on so I thought I’d just share with y’all.”

“I’m safe,” he continued. “I’m cool. It was wild I was in the green room and they’re like ‘everybody get out!’ It was a moment for sure.”

In a later post, Robinson also thanked staff and security personnel at The Comedy Zone as well as the police for their timely action.


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