Fire Drills, Reimbursements & Late Evening Meetings, Office Employee Spycam is Our Everyday Story

By Mihika Jindal 2 May 2019 2 mins read

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Rahul Subramanian’s ongoing Instagram series, Office Employee Spycam, captures every fear you have ever had about being caught bitching about your workplace/boss. He just put out his 13th episode, in which Rahul is seen talking to his “fellow employee” Kumar Varun (other half of Random Chikibum), bitching and moaning about everything at work. From his boss calling an urgent meeting at 7 pm on a Friday evening, to how all taxi bills should be reimbursed, to why his boss must give him a promotion, to the latest fire drill rant, every episode is relatable AF.

While Rahul’s rants are relatable, Kumar’s interjections are show stealers because they are obvious questions that are borderline daring, and run the risk of calling out Rahul’s bullshit claims. For instance, whenever Rahul wants to take an action, Kumar will just slip in, “toh phir tune bol diya boss ko?” to which Rahul’s response is always sheepish. Walter Mitty moments we all have gone through: lots of internal anger and frustration, with little to zero real action IRL.

Either scroll through Rahul’s Instagram account, or look for #OfficeEmployeeSpycam to watch all 13 episodes. Meanwhile, here are our favourites to get your started:

When fire drills become more important than deadlines

When the boss remembers that “urgent” meeting on a Friday evening

When the boss NEEDS to understand that fitness trumps work. Health is important, bhai!

When employees understand politics. And what’s actually going on in the office. Even with Rohit’s promotion

About reimbursing claims

Bonus Clip

While Rahul’s fanbase is going bananas tagging friends and colleagues on all these videos, he has a special fan who is also pitching in—Gajraj Rao, the actor who was acclaimed for his role as a father in Badhai Ho!


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