Quiz: How Well Do You Know ‘Struggling Actor Vicky Malhotra’?

By DA Staff 11 August 2020 2 mins read

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Are you a true fan of Varun Thakur’s alter-ego ‘struggling actor Vicky Malhotra’? Or is your aaantire life a lie?

Take the quiz to test yawself, and share your score with oursulves!

This shit started on…?

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How many “movies and ads and stuff” has Vicky auditioned for?

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Which of the following is Vicky Malhotra’s favourite clothing brand?

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What is Vicky hoping his father will help him out with?

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Where are you most likely to spot Vicky Malhotra on any given day?

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What is Vicky Malhotra’s spirit animal?

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Which animal does Vicky Malhotra want to kill?

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Who keeps sending Vicky on aaaanother blind date with "hot chicks"?

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Who is the only guy Vicky has ever set him up on a blind date with?

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What is Vicky Malhotra’s favourite genre of music?

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In one of his adventures, Vicky visits a tattoo artist. What thoroughly unique tattoo(s) does himsulf want to get?

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What is the refrain of his song, 'Vickyleaks'?

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Adventures of Struggling Actor Vicky Malhotra?

We’re also very pretty frank kinda guys, so we're just gonna say it: why the f*ck is yawself even taking this quiz? Do you know anything? About anything? No. Then WHY are you here? This score is very pretty lame and it’s an insult to yawself. Go find some pigeons to talk to, you deserve each other.

You know juuuuust enough to be that annoying guy at a party who has way too much confidence for someone on their fifth drink. If you spot Varun Thakur in public, you’re most likely to greet him with Vicky dialogues, with the enthusiasm of someone who thinks they’re the first to have ever thought of it. Hoping to get a high five? You probably will. In the face.

Like his arch nemesis Rocky, you’re basically Vicky himself. You can't feed your inner tiger enough limited edition Ed Hardy t-shirts, leather jackets, Netflix, and EDM. You’re also probably a sexist kinda guy. Now if only your damn father would deposit 3-10 lakhs in your bank account at regular intervals…

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