Rahul Dua Apologises For Joke That ‘Offended’ Dentists and Physiotherapists

By DA Staff 12 March 2021

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Add one more name to the rapidly growing list of comedians who have had to apologise for cracking a harmless, inoffensive joke. This time it’s Rahul Dua who had to take down his latest video Doctors & Names within 12 hours after physiotherapists and dentists complained about hurt sentiments. In the clip, the comedian pokes light fun at the professions, making joking comparisons between “real” doctors vs dentists and physiotherapists. The video—which also came with the announcement of his upcoming standup comedy special—was taken down by the comic last night.

Yeh jo crowd work video daala aaj, yeh kuch logon ko pasasnd nahi aaya. Kuch dentist log, kuch physiotherapist log thoda mind kar gaye is cheez ko leke. Mera hamesha se purpose yahi raha hai—logon ko hasana, logon ko khush karna, ek accha time dena, logon ki feelings hurt karna nahi,” Dua said in a video he posted on Instagram last night. “Main woh video hata raha hoon kyuki usne kuch logon ko dukh pahuchaya hai.”

The jokes, which were part of a crowd-work performance and not a rehearsed set, were not the comic’s opinions but some funny thoughts that popped into his head in the spur-of-the-moment. “Main khud physiotherapist ke paas jaata hoon, mere teen RCT hue hai, main khud dentist ke paas jaata hoon, puri ijjat hai,” said the comic.


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