Pushpavalli is Back For Revenge in Season 2⁠—Here's a Recap of How We Got Here

By Maanya Sachdeva 9 March 2020 2 mins read

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The trailer for season two of Amazon Prime Video’s Pushpavalli released yesterday, and revenge is on the cards for its protagonist (played by comedian Sumukhi Suresh). If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out here:

Where did we leave off in season one, you ask? So did Sumukhi. The creator of Pushpavalli put other cast members and some of her friends to the test, and asked them to recap season one in 30 seconds. And, they kinda covered everything?

Highlights of the recap include:

  • “Pushpavalli is a psychopath…but also a go-getter.” – Sejal Bhat
  • “She moves to Bangalore because he says “Heeeeyyy, maybe if we’re in the same city, I’ll fall in love with you.”” – Debbie Rao, director of Pushpavalli
  • “No, he’s selling bhindi, he’s selling bhindi!” – Urooj Ashfaq
  • “It’s just about Vasu’s PG, and how kind and benevolent person she is.” – Shraddha, who plays Vasu
  • “Which one is Pankaj?” – Ashish Shakya
  • “She also at one point robs…no, steals…kidnaps (?) his dog.” – Janice Sequeira

Best recap award goes to…

Rohan Joshi and Biswa Kalyan Rath, for this four-minute-long treat. And a topical joke, thrown in around the halfway mark.

And the recap no one asked for…DeadAnt’s 30-second-recap of Pushpavalli:

Girl meets boy at a long-drawn food safety conference thingy, quickly falls for boy who acts interested but is not interested, follows said boy to Bangalore, stalks him with the help of a chai-wallah (not that chai-wallah), manoeuvres sticky situations with the ease of a crime lord…till she fucks up, kidnaps boy’s precious dog, breaks her leg accidentally-on-purpose and realises pyaar ek mauka nahin, dhokha hain.

Okay, bye.

Season two releases this Friday (the 13th, but of course), on Amazon Prime Video.


Maanya Sachdeva


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