Reel Maange More: Our Favourite Sahil Shah Clips You Need To Watch NOW

By DA Staff 8 October 2023 2 mins read

Here's a curated list of our new favourites reels by Sahil Shah.

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If you’re a fan of Indian comedy, Sahil Shah requires no introduction. Great. First paragraph done.

Of course, he’s part of one of India’s OG comedy collectives EIC, has a special on Prime Video (Childish Behaviour) and is self-appointed captain of Vatana Army, but the thing he’s known most for (fortunately or not) is being the greatest pun connoisseur we’ve seen. Yeah, puns aren’t everybody’s jam, but can you think of a better way to get a reaction out of people? Between loud groans and pure louuu, Shah has enjoyed every minute of it.

But the 30-year-old comedian seems to now have switched up his Instagram game, moving away slowly from puns to more topical content. If you’ve seen something trending on the internet, Shah has a joke about it. Oppenheimer, the cricket and football world cups, Pathaan. In a previous conversation with him, he told DeadAnt how he keeps up with himself: by recording a bank of reels every Tuesday at a comedy club for the upcoming week. (Now you know what show to catch if you want to be part of the applause breaks, FYI.)

Here’s a look at what he’s up to now, a curated list of new favourites by a longtime fan. Give him a follow if you haven’t already, and don’t forget to hydrate. Shabba khair, Kailash Kher, sayonara.

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