Rewind & Replay: Your Favourite Comedians' Oldest Videos, Brought to You From the Depths of the Internet

By DA Staff 16 December 2019 3 mins read

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Ever feel a sense of “WHY DID NO ONE STOP ME?!” when you go through your Instagram story archives? Or when Facebook relentlessly throws memories at you from your adolescence? Popular people, famous people, comedians even, are the same. Except they also have stans and admirers on the job—those who will drop everything they’re actually supposed to be doing to instead trawl the depths of the internet and fish out every piece of work they’ve ever been associated with.

We dove deep, we scavenged YouTube, and dug out a few of your favourite comedians’ oldest videos. You’re SO welcome.

1. This sketch by Kanan Gill

We were hoping to find an embarrassing AF phase that Kanan Gill went through, but turns out he’s always been a genius? (Also, did the devil of teenage never hit him? At all?) Anyway, we found a How to Speak with an Indian Accent – An Unhelpful Tutorial ft. Kenneth Sebastian, which is unhelpful in every sense of the word and is as surprisingly (stupidly) profound as his latest Nigeria vlog.

2. Sorabh Pant’s absolutely beautiful reaction video

Back in the day, comedians spent a lot of their spare time marvelling at how stupid the Internet was is getting. Sorabh Pant in his “badly shot video about another badly shot video” going “AAAAAAH WHAT IS HAPPENING” at Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye is a reaction video we need reaction videos to.

3. Vir Das’ secret stash

Das uploaded a video called Trailer- The Worst Idea of My Career (this was before Mastizaade) to “Humiliate my friends Sorabh Pant, Kavi Shastri and Kaizad Gherda”, as if we were going to completely ignore the disastrous beatboxing Vir is doing. The video has only 96 views and his thoughts in the description read, “I can be persuaded to upload the entire thing.” WHY has no one jumped on this GOLDEN opportunity yet? Why are we letting him jump from sitcoms to shows to specials and more specials before demanding to see the whole thing?

4. The moment Atul Khatri chucked up the CEO life

Sometimes a midlife crisis isn’t a midlife crisis and is actually the beginning of a career. Who knew? Khatri did. His very first video on YouTube is a standup clip from CEO’s Got Talent in which he competed against 11 CEOs that paved the way from his plush office to the comedy stage.

5. In which Radhika Vaz really gets into character

Vaz has always been pretty vocal about her stance on political and social issues. Boldly and hilariously vocal. Her first video, called ‘Terrorist Wife’ is a standup set she performs wearing a hijaab. Powerful then, powerful now.

While scrolling through her YouTube channel we also came across a video titled Abish Mathew is a lesbian in which they come to this profound conclusion in 1:03 minutes. Don’t make us explain, just watch.

6. Zakir Khan was in a…something

Sakht launda Zakir is a comedian/poet/sitar player aaaand the protagonist of Two Indoris, which was “Coming Soon” three years ago. One of Khan’s first videos on YouTube is a trailer to this street play/ web series/ show (!?) and is… very confusing. See for yourself.

7. Aditi Mittal downed a lot of energy drinks

Thought Mittal’s energy with standup is tough to keep up with? Looks like she dials it down on stage compared to when she’s jumping around a room singing Vega Ka Laika, an old folk song from Madhya Pradesh. “I’M A TRIBAL WOMAN! WOOHOOOO!”, she says in the description. A VERY EXCITED tribal woman on a full crate of energy drinks.


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