Rohan Joshi Ties Up With TED Talk For Instagram Stories Project

By DA Staff 1 April 2019

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Passionate about spreading great ideas, TED is a nonprofit media organisation that started out as an annual conference and is today most popular for short, powerful talks by experts in different fields from all over the world (under TED Talk).

After following Rohan Joshi on Instagram for 36 hours, the head of talent for TED Talk allegedly got to work on introducing a new business model specifically designed for one of its biggest markets, India. The result? A collaboration with Instagram and standup comic Rohan Joshi, called insTED.

While the exact structure is still being chalked out, broad themes include graphic novels, gym routines, movie reviews, TV show analyses, deep dives into every YouTube video he’s ever watched, a documentation of the lives of city cats featuring Louie and Arya, lampposts, pencils, floors, sugar-free diet diaries, car rides, quiz promotions, the wall in front of him, song recommendations, every time he’s out of the house, every time he doesn’t leave it, and 46 different ways to spell his own name.

“Our only worry is that right now, we are looking to to space it out at regular intervals of 18 minutes (the length of an average TED Talk), which is a far longer gap than he is used to,” a concerned official said. “However, we are open to experimentation, because Joshi is one of the most committed individuals we’ve ever seen on any platform.”

Officials revealed that they are also in talks with Sahil Shah of EIC for a weekly edition of insTED, but they are worried that it might fall on a Monday and TED isn’t looking into wordplay research yet. Maybe dogs, though.


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