Sourav Ghosh’s Reaction Video to His Own Standup Clip Is Exactly the Kind of Nonsense We Need More Of

By DA Staff 18 January 2019 2 mins read

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We’ve been fans of Sourav Ghosh’s strain of twisted humour for some time now, and have gone through all his standup videos on YouTube. But there’s one video from last year that we missed that popped up on our feeds recently, and of course we had to hit play. Within seconds we were cackling out loud.

The idea is this: Sourav Ghosh’s decides to experiment with the “new art form” known as the reaction video. For his first one, he reacts to a stand-up comedy video by the comedian Sourav Ghosh. Starting with his falsely cheerful introduction to his struggle to pronounce the name correctly to his first comment (“haha that’s a funny colour on the font”) to his loud fake guffawing to him abandoning the video to eat watermelon and watch other videos… it’s all just absurd and fricking hilarious.

Watch the video here:

This is the video.


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