Standup For A Cause: 5 Times Comedians Took Aim At Air Pollution & The Climate Crisis

By DA Staff 9 March 2024 2 mins read

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It’s no secret that Delhi’s air is slowly sucking the life out of people. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of the nation’s capital is touching new heights with every passing day. And other metropolises in the country, including Mumbai and Bengaluru, aren’t lagging too far behind in the race to render themselves uninhabitable.

Yes, it all sounds morbid. Especially because the deteriorating air quality is directly affecting people’s health and lifespans. In addition to making conscious choices to curb our contribution to this disaster in the making, we can do something else to take care of our health—laugh. Studies show that while air pollution shaves 5.2 years off your life expectancy, laughter adds some back. To raise awareness about the concerning AQI levels all while sharing a laugh, DeadAnt Live is partnering with social and environmental impact advisor, Asar, for a very special showcase of DeadAnt’s proprietary show Laughs Per Minute: The Breathless Edition. Hosted by Rahul Dua, 20+ comedians will rattle off punchlines about air pollution in one-minute sets on 10 March at Delhi’s Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts. The jokes, which will come at you at supersonic speed, aim to use the arts to start a meaningful conversation and bring about positive change. You can pick up your tickets here.

If you’re looking for a little tester of what is to come at the show, we’ve curated a list of videos where comedians riff on the climate crisis and country’s air pollution. Watch now!

How Delhi People Deal With Pollution – Amit Tandon

Delhi Pollution – Appurv Gupta

Delhi Pollution – Mayank Pandey

15 Minutes Of Comedians On Climate Change

7 Minutes Of Climate Change Jokes


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