Stephen Colbert Teases Comedy Central Return In New Video

By DA Staff 21 July 2021 2 mins read

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Stephen Colbert just teased a return to Comedy Central in a new video released, rather ironically, on the comedian and talk show host’s Twitter handle ‘@StephenAtHome’. Colbert has a long association with the channel, having first come to prominence as a correspondent on the Daily Show in 1997 before going on to host The Colbert Report from 2005 to 2014. Now, the cryptic new video hints he may be back on Comedy Central after a gap of six years.

The video begins with a Colbert voice-over posing the question “can you really go home again?”, before the camera pans to a ‘Welcome’ sign marking Colbert’s entry into his home state of South Carolina. The tense background score adds to the impression that this is a send-up of a car commercial, as Colbert drives through the wilderness while his voice-over presses on: “Or do you have to build your own home? What happens when things go back to normal?”

A few more rounds of cryptic crossword later, the video announces that Colbert will return to Comedy Central this fall (if he can find his way there). There are no more details about what Colbert will be doing on the channel, so naturally fans and entertainment journalists are going wild trying to guess what it’s all about. Is it a new show? Or is The Late Show being simulcast to Comedy Central, as unlikely as that seems? What’s your guess?


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