Know Your Comic: The Top 5 Vipul Goyal Videos To Watch Online

By DA Staff 1 January 2019

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Vipul Goyal was one of the earliest comics on the Indian scene, and as such has enjoyed an edge over newer comics in terms of reach and popularity—other comics often joked that he had cornered the corporate show market. He has an easy delivery and astute observational material that regularly strays into bizarre speculative scenarios, such as one involving a meeting of diseases to reprimand heart attacks for their inefficiency.

Here are the five best videos by Goyal that you can watch online.

5. Goyal responds to men who complain about older air hostesses on Air India flights.

The bit is particularly effective because Goyal effortlessly dismantles a longstanding misogynistic complaint that men have had against Air India.

4. On the unending tortures of family Whatsapp groups.

3. Goyal explains how Narendra Modi emotionally manipulates people into accepting his tax reforms.

2. Goyal needed to pee at a hospital and so, took a urine test.

1. Goyal suggests that surprise dry days may be more effective.

This clip also includes a brilliant bit, perhaps Goyal’s finest online, on other freedom fighters’ reacting to MK Gandhi being used on all currency notes.


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