Watch: 7 Hilarious Standup Clips on MBAs, B-Schools & the CAT Exam

By Maanya Sachdeva 26 August 2020

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The world is divided between those who followed their hearts and found a vocation, and those who got an MBA. If you didn’t at least chuckle at that, you may not be ready for this roast of the Masters of Business Administration. Turns out the exceedingly-common MBA degree is also great for mining comedy material; from sketchy universities to start-up culture, the jokes are endless. And funny, as demonstrated by our seven clip watchlist including bits by Kumar Varun, Sahil Shah and Punit Pania. And widely relatable whether you have an MBA, always wanted one or you vowed never to get one. Simply put, there’s a punchline for everyone (even though the degree may not be).

Sahil Shah vs MBAs

What if an MBA student compiled this list? For starters, it would be a presentation. Besides a penchant for presentations, what are some other ways to spot an MBA student? Watch Sahil Shah’s comprehensive lecture…err…comedy clip on the subject here.

Swiggy and MBA — Sanjay Manaktala

What’s the full form of MBA? Wait, don’t tell us. Watch Sanjay Manaktala’s bit on MBAs (performed for an audience in Bengaluru, ‘the start-up city’) and say it with him. It’s more fun that way.

Breakup & MBA — Rahul Subramanian

What do Indian men who have a lot of time on their hands do? Rahul Subramanian’s clip Breakup & MBA has over eight million views so you probably know the answer, but the punchline never gets old.

Engineering, MBA & 2 States — Gourav Mahna

Gourav Mahna’s clip is a delightful amalgamation of his takes on MBA schools across the country. He also talks about the movie that convinced him to head to an IIM: 2 States. Why? Arjun Kapoor’s coursework, of course.

MBA Life — Kumar Varun

Want a no-bullshit guide to navigating an Indian B-school? Kumar Varun breaks down life at FMS, “one of India’s best B-schools that no one has heard of”. Here’s the first lesson—the ‘B’ in B-school stands for ‘Baba’ and no, we won’t be taking questions at this point.

Sex Education, MBA, Radio Ads and Marathon — Rajat Chauhan

In this video, Rajat Chauhan highlights a marketing channel MBAs tend to ignore, even though it’s highly effective: Punjabi songs.

MBA & Aadhar Card — Punit Pania

“I’m also an MBA but who isn’t?” asks Punit Pania in this clip that has aged surprisingly well. The credit goes to Amity University, whom we’d also like to thank for helping make this the most relatable watchlist we’ve ever compiled.


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