Watch: 9 Stand-up Clips Curated Especially in Honour of Engineer’s Day

By Maanya Sachdeva 15 September 2020

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Before you scroll down to watch some top quality comedy about engineering, Indian engineers and job placements, want to hear an engineering PJ? You have no choice, here goes:

“Everybody says engineering is so easy that it is just like walking in a park. But only engineers know that park is called Jurassic Park. Happy Engineer’s Day.” – Source unknown

If you groaned at this WhatsApp forward/dad joke (wait, is this how dads get their jokes?), maybe our watchlist is more your speed? We’ve curated the best bits on engineers, placements and Indian engineering colleges so you can share it with your IITian friend on Engineer’s Day to thank him or her for all the years of free tech support.

Why Indians Should Not Study Engineering – Manoj Prabakar

The only office software engineers work in is… MS Office. For other compelling reasons that Indians should NOT study engineering, please watch Manoj Prabakar’s refreshing take on the subject—especially given its otherwise widespread popularity in India.

Engineering & Marriage – Kumar Varun

Kumar Varun’s eight-minute clip is littered with engineering jokes, some more advanced than others, but he also seamlessly works anecdotes about his marriage into the mix. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual “engineers don’t get laid” set-ups and punch lines.

I Hate Engineers – Sumukhi Suresh

Clearly Sumukhi Suresh isn’t worried about robot-controlling-engineers (“the tasty scoop of haye-haye“) because she’s addressed everything she hates about them in this tight three-minute bit from her standup special, Don’t Tell Amma.

Engineering Job Interview – Rohan Gujral

(Another) former engineer-turned-comedian, Rohan Gujral has the most unconventional (and possibly unhelpful) tips for cracking engineering job interviews. Watch his bit to relive the horrors of placement week—although it’s doubtful anyone else had a job interview quite like Gujral’s.

Mechanical Engineering ki Kanya Rashi – Vaibhav Arora

Vaibhav Arora’s almost-endearing anecdotal bit on the struggles of dating as a mechanical engineer is also hilarious. Watch him talk about his struggles at relating to “elite” female colleagues, as a crude and raw “chuddi buddy” engineer.

Xerox Engineer – Karthik Kumar

Nothing has done more for the future of engineering in India than the campus xerox shops where, Karthik Kumar notes, engineering students always marked 100% attendance. After all, these shops fueled the rise of the ‘Xerox Engineer’, empowered by photocopies and free porn.

Engineering Colleges & Talking to Girls – Vivek Muralidharan

There it is—a true, first-person account of the struggles of talking to girls, especially if you went to engineering school in Chennai (where people are so conservative… they’re preservative). The biggest problem however, according to Vivek Muralidharan, is re-acclimatising to women folk at the corporate companies most engineers find jobs at.

Stop Making Fun of Engineers – Raghav Mandava

Raghav Mandava will not be making fun of engineers—and it’s not just because he understands how hard they have it. No, Mandava is looking to the future, the age of robots, and the people that will be controlling these robots—the engineers. Tread lightly, he warns in this five-minute clip.

Doctors & Engineers – Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant has another reason for not wanting to make fun of engineers (because life is already doing that to them). This one takes a bit of a dark turn before returning to the dark matter all engineers know and love— hash (Ed note: jk, NCB).

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