Watch: Daniel Fernandes Delves Into a Tumultuous Week For Indian Comedy

By DA Staff 21 July 2020 2 mins read

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On the latest episode of his podcast You Started It, Daniel Fernandes takes a break from his usual news commentary and audience questions in order to talk about a rough couple of weeks for the Indian comedy industry has had. Over 27-odd minutes, Fernandes coolly and calmly dissects the events of the last week, explaining how a Twitter spat over a tweet criticising the TikTok ban snowballed into an organised online campaign against the entire industry, with a venue being vandalised and over a dozen comics subjected to multiple rape and death threats. While it would be perfectly natural for Fernandes to be angry and dismissive about his critics, he chooses to give them the benefit of the doubt and explain the nuances of the situation—and of standup comedy as an art form—with incredible patience. If you’re looking for a balanced, well thought out perspective on comedy in the times of weaponised offense-taking, we recommend you watch the entire episode. And remember, as Fernandes says, “the virus is still out there… so let’s at least have a laugh before we die.”


DA Staff

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