Watch: Tim Minchin Releases Fourth Single ‘Airport Piano’, Ahead Of Debut Album ‘Apart Together’

By DA Staff 28 September 2020 2 mins read

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Airport Piano is the fourth single from Australian comedian-musician-actor Tim Minchin’s forthcoming album Apart Together (named pre-pandemic, would you believe it?!).

“I wrote this song on an airport piano,” Minchin sings cheerily in the video that released this weekend, followed by calling out “women in SUV Porsches” (always look miserable/ I don’t know why they’re so sad/ Maybe it’s the calories they coulda had) and “men in cafes in ski resorts” (Trying to connect with their sons/ Look like they just wanna hit ‘em). Except that while singing, Minchin is also in fact Sharpie-ing the lyrics on every available inch of a pristine white piano.

“Thanks for desecrating our piano Tim.” reads the first comment on the video, by the guys over at Yamaha Music Australia, who sent him a $12,000 Yamaha U1 (“it was so new it came in a box!)” when he put out a public call for a free/cheap piano. The good news is that Minchin plans to auction off this piano to an arts charity.

“This year, bringing “everything you are into everything you do” [Minchin’s mantra] means bringing your anxiety, and your disappointment, and your tiredness, and whatever else you are carrying through the pandemic months. And “the work that you did in the time that you had” [his mentor-friend Matthew Warchus’ favourite way of defining art] could perhaps be extended to “… the work that you did in the time that you had in the space you were locked inside with the collaborators you were allowed to have contact with!”

Previous tracks from this album—and what has become Minchin’s own pandemic project, signed with BMG in March this year—include Leaving LA, I’ll Take Lonely Tonight and the titular Apart Together.

The full album drops 20 November 2020. Which seems far away right now, but don’t worry, you’ll be saying “OMFG IT’S NOVEMBER ALREADY?!” in no time.


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