Watch: Vir Das Launches New YouTube Series ‘#TenOnTen’

By Bhanuj Kappal 12 January 2021 2 mins read

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India’s busiest comedian during COVID-19 is back with another series titled ‘#TenOnTen’, this time on his YouTube channel. Vir Das has just released the first episode of the 10-part series, which will consist of 10 standup comedy pieces with each based on a particular topic.

“Every comedian I love, I remember an iconic bit they did,” Das told DeadAnt. “I just wanted to see if in 2021 I could create ten great bits about our world. And if they could be led by what people want. It’s pretty simple.”

The first episode, titled ‘Religion vs Comedy’, starts with an observation made by the Delhi High Court when it dismissed a plea against ‘Hasmukh’ —the Netflix comedy starring Das that released in May 2020. In the video, Das explains the use of satire by comedians and upholds their liberty as creative artists.

Das has also invited viewers to suggest topics for the upcoming videos, along with any constructive criticism.


Bhanuj Kappal

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