‘Yahi Jokes Toh Baad Mein Yaad Aayenge’: 5 Abhishek Upmanyu Clips To Light Up Your Sunday

By DA Staff 5 November 2023 2 mins read

For your pre Sunday siesta binge, here's a collection of videos that prove Upmanyu is hilarious AF.

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With the Indian standup comedy scene booming like never before, new faces are popping up on our timelines with fresh material every other day. To carve out your own niche and establish your voice in such a robust scene is a tall order, which takes years of honing your craft and a passion for the art. One such comedian, who sauntered onto our screens and made his lines stick in our brains, is Indian comedy superstar Abhishek Upmanyu.

Over the years, Upmanyu has become a mainstay in the Indian comedy scene. He’s found recognition on the international stage, made his mark on national television with an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show and has raked in hundreds of millions of views on his YouTube channel (his debut special Jealous of Sabziwaala was viewed 10 million times within a week). With all the time he’s had on stage, Upmanyu has set his comedic gaze upon various topics, ranging from respecting elders in Indian society to watching porn with parents. All these videos are inherently rewatchable because of his incredibly relatable takes.

So for your pre Sunday siesta binge, here’s a collection of videos that prove Upmanyu is hilarious AF.

Friends, Crime, & The Cosmos

Breakup, Respecting Elders, & Discrimination 

Delhi, Mumbai & Rich People

Indian Insults & Comebacks



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