Know Your Comic: 5 Of The Best EIC Outrage Videos Featuring Sapan Verma

By DA Staff 2 April 2019 2 mins read

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EIC Outrage is a slickly produced video show in which usually one of the comics from the collective sits behind a desk and rants about a chosen topic, while simultaneously breaking it down so that the viewer can understand it. Sapan Verma was one of the most effective Outragers, and in the absence of a substantial collection of YouTube videos by Verma, we decided to rank his best Outrage videos instead.

5. Syrian War Explained

At over 10 minutes, this video is considerably longer than the typical Outrage video, owing to the complexity of the subject at hand. It also features significantly more graphics, and inserts of other EIC comedians, including a brief, but hilarious bit imagining Bashar al Assad’s high-school reunion. It even takes time out to eviscerate the Indian journalist Ramesh Ramachandran, who got a chance to do a sit-down interview with Assad only to ask him such penetrating questions as “Do you at all make time to relax?”

4. The Deonar Mess

Garbage, and the deep-rooted caste and class inequities that determine where it is dumped and how it is treated, is a difficult subject for a comedy collective to break down into a digestible video for its fans. EIC does a decent job here, though one of the basic solutions Verma suggests (move the Deonar landfill) fails to acknowledge that the problem begins with our consumption patterns, and how much we rely on non-biodegradable packaging materials.

3. Indian TV censored

Here, Verma tears into the double standard of Indian television producers and regulators, who object to depictions of terrible things such as consensual homosexual relationships, while happily greenlighting content that deals with black magic, child marriage and violence against women.

2. Section 377

Verma does a great job laying out the essential paradox behind political opposition to abolishing Section 377 of the IPC. While leaders argued that India needed to progress before the law could be scrapped, in many ways progress would only occur once the law was done away with. And then there’s the cringe-funny clip of Baba Ramdev trying to pronounce “homosexual”.

1. Student Suicide Capital

This video had perhaps the most impact of any of the EIC Outrage videos. Verma focuses in on the Rajasthani town of Kota, famed as a centre for students to take tuitions for the IIT entrance exam, and talks about the pressures that students face to succeed academically, which pushes some to suicide. A look at the comments section makes clear that the video struck a deep chord with students, who suffer under the system. The video also features a particularly moving montage of comedians telling students that there’s more to life than exams and studies.


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